A New Witness For the Articles Of Faith

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Bruce R. McConkie
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The Articles of Faith are a living, growing, expanding standard of belief and doctrine and practice. That they set forth eternal truths that will not be altered in time or in eternity is clear to all. with these words, McConkie, a modern-day apostle, bears witness to the truths found in basic doctrines of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. These doctrines were first presented by Joseph Smith in a letter to a Chicago newspaper editor in March 1842. The prophetic fruits of Joseph Smith are many and varied, Elder McConkie writes. In this work it will be our purpose to feast upon but one of his prophetic fruits; the doctrines he taught relative to the basic beliefs of true Christians as are summarized in the Articles of Faith. In this monumental work, completed shortly before his death in April 1985, Elder McConkie examines each article in detail, in the context of the revealed gospel in the latter days. He gives new insights into many subjects, including faith and belief, the nature of God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ, the mission of the Holy Ghost, the fall of man, the Atonement, salvation and exaltation, repentance, the nature and power of priesthood, the organization of the church, spiritual gifts, scripture, revelation, the redemption of Zion, and the Church and civil power. Elder McConkie writes: The Articles of Faith are part of an eternal fullness of everlasting truth that was then [when they were first given] and is now in process of being revealed by the Lord to his people. They did not, when first given, mention all of the basic doctrines then known, and since then added light and knowledge have been revealed relative to many things.... Elder McConkie served as a General Authority in the Church for 38-1/2 years. He was called to the First Council of the Seventy in October 1946 and was ordained an apostle in October 1972. A prolific writer, he was the author of several important reference works on doctrinal subjects.