Classic Family Portraits: Lighting, Posing, and Composition for Location and Studio

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Ed Pedi
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Acclaimed photographer Ed Pedi shows you how to design family portraits that will be treasured across the decades. Beginning with location selection, Pedi shows you how to find backgrounds that suit the family??s character, whether the image is planned for outdoors, in the studio, or at the client??s home. Then, he shows how to pose the family (including the extended family, in many cases) to flatter each subject and show the relationships between the individuals. The final addition to the mix is lighting?a real challenge when larger groups are involved. Pedi demonstrates how you can handle this deftly with sunlight, interior lights, or studio lights, as well as in mixed-light situations. Packed with timeless images and practical approaches, this book is a handy reference for photographers who want to create images that will stand the test of time.