End of Days - The Apocalyptic Writings

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Joseph B. Lumpkin
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Is mankind headed for destruction? How will it all end? When will it happen? What is man's destiny? Will we die by our own hand or by the hand of God? For thousands of years the questions have been the same. Millions of souls have searched for the answers to no avail; nevertheless, some believed they knew. We call them prophets. They saw the end of our world and they believed their visions were true. Are we to believe their God-given insights into the End Of Days? Perhaps God did pull back the curtain that blinds man to his future. Maybe these writers did see the end and how it would come upon us. The prophets of doom revealed a scenario of global cataclysm. They tell the story of rulers bankrupting nations to fund tremendous wars. They tell of weather gone awry; of ice and snow, rain and floods, hurricanes and earthquakes where seldom they occurred. They tell us of what is happening all around us today.