Footwashing in John 13 and the Johannine Community

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John Christopher Thomas
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Written over two decades ago, Footwashing in John 13 and the Johannine Community by John Christopher Thomas quickly became known as the most comprehensive study of the practice of footwashing in the ancient world, the most detailed literary analysis of the account found in John 13.1-20, and an excellent example of how to engage in a study of the possible practices of the Johannine community (David Mark Ball). In this second edition, Thomas has removed typographical errors, has brought the various discussions up to date by incorporating the more significant relevant studies into the notes and text of the volume, specifically the results of scholarship devoted to the Fourth Gospel and John 13 particularly those who have responded to the first edition, has made clearer the rationale for his use of early Christian writings in the sections devoted to the reconstruction of the practice in the Johannine community, and has given some indication of the ways in which his suggestions for future research have generated responses. When the first edition of this work appeared, very few scholars were giving any attention to the possible practice of footwashing in the Johannine community. One of the goals in the monographs initial publication was to place the role and function of footwashing on the scholarly agenda for discussion. Owing, in part, to the impact of the study, over the last couple of decades the possible practice of footwashing and its meaning have begun to receive more attention as a practice within the Johannine community as well as in the practice of the church.