Genesis Solves Sumerian King List

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Eve Engelbrite
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Genesis Solves Sumerian King List synchronizes the kings and clues of the Sumerian King List with ancient Biblical history. The oldest and most complete copy of the Sumerian King List (SKL) is an engraved clay rectangular prism. It has a reference to the Biblical flood; After the flood had swept over, and the kingship had descended from heaven, the kingship was in Kish. The antediluvian kings had much longer reigns than those after the flood in the list, corresponding to the lifespans recorded in Genesis. This book deciphers the reigns of post-flood kings in a way which equals the SKL subtotals; a feat not accomplished until now! This book links Cush of Ur to the SKL's Gishur, and Cush's son Nimrod to the SKL's Enmerkar. Their tyrannical reign is known as the Uruk Expansion, the end of which I place at the Tower of Babel during the Ice Age which Job described in the Bible. With 30 pictures and over 70 charts, Genesis Solves Sumerian King List is simple enough for the novice to follow, yet robust with over 500 footnotes for the scholar.