Inland Fishes of Mississippi

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Stephen T. Ross
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Where was the largest bass caught in Mississippi? What streams are sometimes home to the gulf sturgeon? How can an angler tell a grass pickerel from a walleye?

In Inland Fishes of Mississippi, Stephen T. Ross answers these questions and many more.

Mississippi waters are some of the richest inland fish habitats in the United States. In fact, only four states have more native fish than Mississippi's 204. Inland Fishes of Mississippi is for anglers and nature lovers who want to learn more about this thriving diversity.

Introductory chapters present the history of the study of fish in Mississippi, the distribution patterns of species, important conservation issues, and valuable information on identifying fish by examining body shape and structure.

Following these are illustrated keys to all the families of fish known to inhabit inland waters. Each key is a detailed guide to identifying the specific species within a family of fish. Keys include:

  • color photographs of freshly collected examples
  • meanings of scientific names for fish
  • descriptions of color and physical changes
  • maximum sizes of fish, including records for game fish
  • precise maps of distribution
  • vital information on habitat requirements, feeding, and behavior
  • tips on where to catch a species
  • status of conservation efforts

For both the casual angler and the ichthyologist, Inland Fishes of Mississippi will prove a constant resource and an irreplaceable asset for identifying, observing, and catching the state's various species.