iPod & iTunes For Dummies

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Whether you??re completely new to iPod and iTunes or you??d like to discover advanced techniques for playing, managing, browsing, buying, and storing music and other files, iPod & iTunes For Dummies, 6th Edition can help you! The iPod and iTunes have revolutionized how we enjoy music, and this bestselling guide has been updated to keep you current. Here??s how to use the newest iPods, set up iTunes on your Mac or PC, purchase music and movies, rip CDs, organize your media library, make the most of digital sound, and so much more!

The latest iPods are much more than just digital music players. Now, surf the Web, rent movies, buy songs and directly download them, send and receive e-mails, store photos, play slideshows, watch videos, and play games. You??ll find information about all iPod models and how to set up iTunes so you can start enjoying your iPod right away. You??ll learn how to:

  • Learn how to use the iPod displays and scrolling wheels
  • Install iTunes and load your music
  • Keep your library organized so you can search, browse, and sort
  • Create playlists and burn CDs
  • Use your iPod as a hard drive
  • Share content legally
  • Synchronize your e-mail, contacts, and bookmarks

Complete with lists of ten common problems and solutions, and eleven tips for the equalizer, iPod & iTunes for Dummies, 6th Edition includes bonus chapters about early iPod models, creating content for iPod, tips for working with MusicMatch, using your iPod for backup and restore, and 14 web sources for additional information.