Is the Virgin Mary Appearing at Medjugorje?

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Ren Laurentin;Ljudevit Rupcic
First Edition
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The apparitions at Medjugorje began on June 24, 1981. In Yugoslavia, especially in the region of Hercegovina, their impact was just as dramatic as that of Lourdes in 1858. The repercussion among theologians was worldwide. Articles and publications multiplied to the point where the Western world could no longer ignore Medjugorje. At the present stage of events, the local ordinary, Bishop Pavao Zanic, who has responsibility for rendering judgment in such matters, is cautioning against any hasty action and all irresponsible propaganda. He recommends that serious attention be given to every objection and difficulty. This book has faithfully followed his directives, which are, moreover, most useful in bringing the whole truth to light. This book is a work of research. It is based on the early writings of Fr. Ljudevit Rupcic, a Yugoslav scholar, and the most recent investigations of Fr. Ren Laurentin. Fr. Laurentin narrates his own personal experience and offers his theological reflections on what may be one of the most remarkable events of our century. At the time of writing, in January 1984, and when preparing the latest edition in September 1984 (represented by this English translation), the apparitions are still going on in Medjugorje.