Laboratory Manual for Chemistry: A Molecular Approach

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Nivaldo J. Tro;John J. Vincent;Erica J. Livingston
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This comprehensive laboratory manual contains 34 experiments with a focus on real-world applications. These experiments were written specifically to correspond with the first edition of Chemistry: A Molecular Approach by Nivaldo J. Tro. Each experiment covers one or more topics discussed within a chapter of the textbook, with the primary goal of helping students understand the underlying concepts covered in the lecture course and presenting this material in a way that is interested and exciting to the students.

Each Experiment Contains:

- A set of pre-laboratory questions that should be completed prior to each experiment.

- An introduction, including a discussion of what the experiment entails, why the experiment is important to students as chemists, and where the concept or technique learned can be used in the real world.

- Step-by-step procedure including safety information

- A report section including post-laboratory questions that should be answered upon conclusion of the experiment.

Additional Features Include:

- A section of general laboratory and safety rules.

- Photos and descriptions of common laboratory glassware and tools

- A detailed tutorial on graphing data in Excel.