Low-Fire Glazes and Special Projects (Ceramic Arts Handbook Series)

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American Ceramic Society
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First and foremost this collection of low-fire recipes and surface-design projects is meant to inspire those who have a love of making and a passion for materials. Whether you already work in low-fire temperatures or want to add a new range to your repertoire, this book is perfect for you.

When considering whether to work with low-fire clay and glazes, it's important to first dispel any misconceptions, including that low-fire clay is not as strong as high-fired ware and that it isn't suited for functional work.

Low-fire clay bodies and surfaces have a rich visual weight, a long firing range, and an incredible surface depth. This book is meant to help you focus on both low-fire forms and techniques, as one cannot evolve naturally without the other.

Not only are there an abundance of recipes to test, but there is also information for mixing and applying slips, terra sigillata, engobes, majolica glazes and overglazes, Egyptian pastes, as well as glazes ranging from liners to mattes and alkalines. Combine a project from one section with a glaze from another. Make each recipe and each technique your own. That, of course, is the best part of ceramics after all.