Miracle of Christmas, The

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John F. MacArthur
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John MacArthur's The Miracle of Christmas goes to the heart of what Christmas is really about: 'The birth of Jesus -- Immanuel, God with us, the promised Messiah -- who came to save His people from their sins.' 'It may be the biggest and most popular of all our holidays, but Christmas is in jeopardy just the same. A subtle but sure erosion is eating away the season's true significance.' MacArthur offers this book 'as an antidote to two prevailing philosophies that are stealing Christmas' -an effort to mythologize the Christmas story - and a tendency to secularize it -- With reverence and a contagious sense of wonder, John MacArthur details every biblical fact known about the birth of Jesus, stressing that 'Christmas should be a time of real joy and gladness, as opposed to the manufactured sentiment and wild revelry that characterize the way the world observes Christmas.' The simple fact is: 'That baby in the manger is God. That's the heart and soul of the Christmas message.