Proverbs (Studies on the Go)

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David Olshine
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Knowledge may get your students pretty far in life, but it won??t be enough to get them through some of the daily challenges they will face as Christians. And it won??t help them grow in their faith. What students really need is God's wisdom, and for that there??s no better place to start than the book of Proverbs. Through engaging activities and thought-provoking questions that get right to the heart of Proverbs, your students will see that even though this book was written thousands of years ago, the instructions still apply to them. By the end of this study, your students will know how to answer questions that include: ? How do I know what path to take? ? What does God have to say about premarital sex? ? How should I respond to money? ? How should I treat other people? ? How should I handle criticism? Written with the busy youth worker in mind, Studies on the Go: Proverbs provides Scriptural depth and substance to be tackled in a manageable time frame. The questions are real, down-to-earth, and straight to the point to get students quickly into Proverbs so they can hear God??s word on a practical level. Designed for Sunday school classes, youth groups, and small groups, this curriculum is guaranteed to get your students excited about and engaged with the Bible.