Rock Rhythm Guitar Playing: The Complete Guide to Mastering Rock Rhythm Guitar

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Easily Master Rock Rhythm Guitar

With over 150 notated audio examples, Rock Rhythm Guitar Playing teaches you the most important concepts, approaches and techniques used in Rock Guitar.

Learn by Studying Real Music

As well as teaching essential rock rhythm concepts, Rock Rhythm Guitar Playing playing breaks down the most important ideas in rock, decade by decade, for the last 70 years.

Not Just Theory and Technique - Real Musical Examples You Can Use

Many guides simply show you how to build technique. Rock Rhythm Guitar Playing illustrates the musical components of metal, such as power chords, single-string lines, open and power chord riffs, embellishments and much more using real musical examples.

Over 150 Notated Audio Examples that you can Download for Free

To help you master the essential skills of Rock Rhythm Guitar Playing, over 150 examples (in standard notation and tab) are included and the audio is available to download for free from Each example has been recorded to a professional standard to allow you to hear each idea in a musical context.

Two Books in One!

Part One of Rock Rhythm Guitar Playing focuses on getting the essential rudiments of rhythm guitar right. Progressive exercises teach you to play perfectly in time and develop great musical feel. Every example is relevant to helping you master the components of Rock Rhythm Guitar,

Part Two can be worked on alongside Part One, and breaks down the important musical ideas often heard in Rock Guitar Rhythm Playing. From power chord riffs, open chord ideas and embellishments, right through to single string lines, every musical tool you will need is covered and each concept is used in a musical example in the style of the rock guitar greats.

Part Two also breaks down the last 70 years of rock guitar into decade by decade style files. Beginning with early 1950s rock and roll, and working through to modern day contemporary rock via the 'classic' '60s, '70s and '80s eras are all covered in detail. Rock Rhythm Guitar Playing covers the styles of every important rock guitar movement.

Rock Rhythm Guitar Playing Covers

  • Hundreds of Rhythm Examples to Perfect your Timing, Groove and Musical Understanding
  • Hundreds of Stylistically Accurate Musical Examples
  • Open Chord, Power Chord and Single String Rhythmic Riffs
  • Decade by Decade Style Files of the Most Important Movements in Rock
  • Over 150 Notated Musical Examples that you can Download for Free

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