Seahorses, Pipefishes and Their Relatives: A Comprehensive Guide to Syngnathiformes (Marine Fish Families S.)

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Rudie H. Kuiter
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Seahorses are amongst the most unusual of all fishes and probably the most un-fishlike. They have an upright posture, a head bent at an angle, a tubed snout with a small mouth at the tip, and a strong prehensile tail to grab onto things. A look that is far from the familiar scaly creature caught on line and hook.

It is not surprising that many people find it difficult to believe that they are actually a kind of fish, one that belongs to the same phylum as the Goldfish or Herring, that at some stage were thought to be insects. However, Seahorses are only the better known members of a large diverse group, the Pipefish family.

These fishes have adapted to specific niches in reef or algal habitats, and a long time of evolution has created this numerous and highly diverse family. Besides the Seahorses, this family encompasses Seadragons, Pipefishes and Pipehorses, amongst which are some of the most fascinating and interesting examples of adaptations to nature.

This 240 page book gives detailed information on over 350 different species and includes Seahorses, Pipefishes, Seadragons, Shrimpfishes, Trumpetfishes and Seamoths as well as a list of all known species of the World.

With more than 1000 spectacular photographs, most taken in the fishes' natural habitats, the book contains a wealth of information about habitats and behaviour, including details of ideal aquarium set-ups for each species.

Pictured contents pages and a comprehensive index means information can be found quickly and easily. A really stunning and fascinating guide to some of the ocean's most beautiful species of fish.