Spirit Baby: What You can Learn from your Future Child

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Christine Nightingale
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Your future child is waiting for you. Discover how to communicate with the child who has chosen you in author Christine Nightingale's enlightening new book, Spirit Baby.

As a mother, grandmother, and retired teacher, Nightingale always had an affinity for young children. When she began practicing as an alternative therapist??which includes work as a Reiki Master, therapeutic hypnotist, aromatherapist, and intuitive counselor??she started receiving messages from Spirit Babies.

Christine teaches parents to communicate with the Spirit Baby who has chosen them. They live on 'the other side , a realm of light and love , until the mother as birth shaman brings them into this world .

All parents can learn to develop clairsentience (gut feelings), clairaudience (hearing a sound that is not physically present), clairvoyance (seeing things that are not physically present), or claircognizance (knowing things they have not been taught). These methods are used by Spirit Babies while they live in a state of perfect peace on the other side . These are skills which can be learned, strengthened, and put into practice??in order to finally help bring your future baby into being.

Understand the specific universal laws that govern karma, the particular missions that each soul must explore through various lifetimes, and much more in this unique spiritual guide.

Any parent can encourage their children to fulfill the destiny which they were born to. Meanwhile, infertility has gone from 6% of couples a generation ago to 17% now. Christien believes that the Spirit Babies who are having difficulty coming in are the canaries in the coal mine ?the ones who are most sensitive, therefore most impacted by the degradation of Mother Earth. She also feels that infertility is ALWAYS the beginning of a spiritual journey?which many parents would never have embarked upon if they had not had difficulty with making a baby.