The Discipleship Gospel: What Jesus PreachedWe Must Follow

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Bill Hull;Ben Sobels
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IS THE GOSPEL YOU PREACH MAKING DISCIPLESOR CONVERTS?Many today preach a gospel that makes converts, but not disciples. This is the result of non-discipleship gospels, which exclude the necessity to follow Jesus from their message. The Discipleship Gospel challenges the church today with a fresh reading of Jesus gospelone that we must learn to preach again.The gospel you preach determines the disciples you make, the authors write. Bill Hull and Ben Sobels use key biblical texts to describe why discipleship is not just an add-on to the gospel, but an essential part of it. The authors define seven essential elements of Jesus gospel and why you must include each one in your gospel if you want to make disciples, not just converts. In this book, they help you clarify your understanding of the gospel, learn how to contextualize your message, and create a plan to make disciples who embrace the full gospelin your church and beyond.Every Christian needs to read this important book. It identifies the challenges and negative effects of gospels that are devoid of discipleship and reminds us that salvation includes full life in Christ as we grow to be more like him.ROBBY GALLATY, Senior Pastor, Long Hollow Baptist Church, president of Replicate MinistriesWith biblical and theological precision, The Discipleship Gospel instructs us to replace the gospel of easy believism with Jesus gospel of the kingdom. Until we get the gospel right, we cant expect the state of discipleship to change. This book takes us to the very foundation upon which disciple making is built.GREG OGDEN, Chairman of the Board, Global Discipleship InitiativeBen and Bill show us how Jesus gospel calls us to both salvation and discipleshipno exceptions, no excuses. I pray that every pastor and leader who reads it will be changed by it. BOBBY HARRINGTON, pastor and cofounder,