The New Sport of Minkenry: The Art of Taming, Training, and Hunting with One of Nature?s Most Intense Predators

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Joseph Carter
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Mink are famous worldwide for their luxurious coat of fur, and yet most people know very little about them beyond their use as clothing. Even trappers, naturalists, and fur farmers, those who should know mink best, typically know only one side of the mink their bad side. Those who do know mink will tell you how extremely aggressive and blood thirsty the mink is, and truth be told, they arent that far off. But there is a different side to mink that very few have seen. This book not only tells how the art of Minkenry began, but more importantly, it is a step by step guide to those wanting to train a hunting mink. In this book I share how to tame, train, and properly care for this very intense little predator, the North American mink. Though still in its infancy, the sport of minkenry has been spreading thanks to the information sharing power of the Internet. First started in the western state of Utah, there are now minkeners springing up across the United States, and even as far away as the UK, Germany, France, and other European countries! As there is a growing need for a how to manual on the art of minkenry, this book was written specifically to fill that need. Minkenry is a very challenging sport, and is definitely not for everyone! Though highly intelligent, and surprisingly affectionate, mink are also very high-strung and stubborn creatures. They typically use their intelligence to work against you, far more than they do to work with you. Though not an adventure for the faint of heart; falconers, hunters, trappers, and other sportsmen worldwide, are being drawn to the art of minkenry with a pioneers spirit. They have the desire to become part of something that has never been done before! If you yearn to experience the challenge of hunting with an aggressive, high strung, truly wild animal; then join us and become one of the pioneers in the new sport of minkenry!