The Parisian Gentleman

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Hugo Jacomet
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A luxurious celebration of the elegant craftsmanship behind the timeless French men??s fashion and lifestyle labels

Home of haute couture and the world??s leading fashion houses, Paris and its inhabitants represent sophistication and refinement to the rest of the world. In the city??s elegant neighborhoods, debonair Parisian men continue to participate in a centuries-long tradition of sartorial craftsmanship and quality.

The Parisian Gentleman is like a dream shopping excursion to the leading men??s style-makers, from hidden ateliers and little-known studios to internationally renowned labels such as shirtmakers Charvet, shoemakers Berluti, and the recently revived trunk makers Moynat. The stories behind each house, and the creative minds and artisans who give each brand its unique identity, bring the clothes alive, capturing an unceasing dedication to quality in an era overrun with new, mass-produced trends.

Author Hugo Jacomet??s portraits of these often-inaccessible marques (or brands) are intimate and illuminating, thanks to his personal connections to many of the leading figures associated with each. His text is accompanied by beautifully shot photographs of the designers, studios, garments, and locations, the majority of which were taken exclusively for this book. 350+ illustrations