The Phantom's Blade: The Sword of the Dragon Book 4 (Volume 4)

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Scott Appleton
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From across the sea the Maiden Voyage has failed to return to the Hemmed Land, leaving Ilfedo to wonder at the fate of his beloved Warrioresses . . . The Hemmed Land is in political confusion thanks to Vortain??s dissidence. As mayor of Ilfedo??s chief city Vortain holds great political sway. He openly opposes Ilfedo??s proposal to form a rescue expedition to bring the people of Dresdyn to the Hemmed Land, and regards the young woman Ilfedo brought back from the Hidden Realm with deep suspicion. Even more strong is his opposition to Lord Ilfedo??s declaration that, as the albino long ago prophecied, the entire population must seek a new homeland. Holding himself to a promise, Ilfedo will not be swayed from seeking the people of Dresdyn. His allies are strong now. Few in the land hold the wisdom of Brother Hersis, and fewer still command the same respect in the military as Lord Ombre, and none have risen so high in the esteem of the people as Oganna. An expedition launches to seek out the people beneath the desert sands, and only Ilfedo truly recognizes the nature of the enemy they face.