The Rebirth of Mankind: Homo Evolutis

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Trent Goodbaudy
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20% of all proceeds from this title are going to Morgellons research. An introduction to transhumanism, genetics, nanotechnology, AI, informatics, synthetic biology, DNA, the atmosphere, electricity, and what mankind has to look forward to in the future. ----------------------------------------- From the back cover- While we were recovering from the tragedy of September 11, 2001; the global powers that be were making plans for humanity that were so large and so sweeping, they needed to keep the general public in the dark about exactly what they were planning. As humanity on Earth enters a new century and millennium, we look forward to such advancements as immortality, convergence of the mind with computers, bionic augmentation, super-soldiers for fighting new wars, nano-bots that help keep us healthy, and even hybridization of our DNA to allow humanity to achieve things that we never thought possible. With the rapid advancement of new technology such as genetics, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, and electronics we soon will be able to augment and change our very bodies at the molecular level. The convergence of these technologies spell out some exciting prospects for the future, but at the same time there exists a danger so great that extinction of every living organism on the planet could be closer than we think. We must be aware of our past, to know where the future leads, and we must not remain apathetic. Ignorance is not bliss... it is terminal. Awareness is the cure.