This Land: Zarahemla and the Nephite Nation

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Edwin G Goble
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Having spent a lifetime searching for Book of Mormon lands in some 250 ruins throughout Mexico and Central and South America, I am intrigued to return to Cumorah where it all ended. May and Goble have compiled fascinating arguments for those lands being in North-east America, complete with compelling new evidence in the form of ancient mound-fortresses, fascinating native tales of white men in the area, and astounding artifacts-many never before published. Anyone seeking to resolve the nagging mystery of Book of Mormon locations must consider this insightful book. Terry J. O'Brien Author of Fair Gods and Feathered Serpents Professor Emeritus, pre-Columbian art, Cypress College While scholars march in lockstep to a MesoAmerican Book of Mormon theory, Wayne May and Edwin Goble explore the archaeological riches of the Adena/Hopewell cultures in North America and find gold. This Land presents a compelling argument that we need only check our own backyard to uncover evidence of Moroni's earthen enclosures. Besides a well-written, crash-course in archaeology, readers will also be intrigued with evidences of Hebraisms found in America. This book is a valuable contribution to Book of Mormon research. Karen Boren Author of Messiah of the Winepress: Christ and the Red Heifer Former newspaper writer