Through the Eyes of Mary Magdalene: Book III: From the Ascension to Journeys in Gaul (Volume 3)

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Estelle Isaacson;James Richard Wetmore
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Estelle Isaacson presents further visions of the life of Mary Magdalene??spanning more than three decades??in this third volume of the trilogy Through the Eyes of Mary Magdalene, subtitled From the Ascension to Journeys in Gaul. Once again, the text is illustrated by the paintings of James J. Tissot. Part One opens on the morning after the Resurrection and takes us through the fifty days leading up to the Ascension, which we witness, receiving new revelations regarding this mysterious event. In Part Two we follow Magdalene as she lives in hiding for approximately three years, teaching and healing in secret, until captured and sent to sea??along with her siblings Lazarus and Martha, Celidonius (??the man born blind??), Maximin, and Sarah and Marcella (handmaids to Magdalene and Martha)??in a boat without sail or tiller. Part Three opens as the seven arrive in Gaul. Many exciting events take place in that new land: Magdalene drives away barbarians, befriends a chieftain, and spends time in the wilderness contemplating Christ Jesus??s sacrifice and resurrection, while doing her great work of expiation. Meanwhile, Martha sets to work, building up a women??s assembly and strengthening the church in Aix-en-Provence, while Lazarus becomes first bishop of the new church in Gaul. Eventually Magdalene retreats to a cave to live out her final years. During that time she is blessed with divine visions, especially of the Virgin Mother, and is also visited by the hermit Marceaux and other devotees. Her glorious death is portrayed in vivid detail. The Epilogue brings us forward to the time of the Grail. Part Four offers seven appendices: Touching the Hem of Jesus??s Cloak; The Holy Women Speak of Sophia (concerning appearances of Magdalene throughout time); A Message from the Lady of the Cross; The Temple of the Being of Magdalene; The Ascension and Entombment; The Sacrament of the Communion of Fishes; and The Birth of Zarathustra, concerning also the eternal mission of the Three Kings. ??Magdalene calls us to the Resurrection; she invites us all to become, with her, ??first witnesses.?? The Resurrection is an eternal event; it still lives! We also can be ??first?? to behold the Resurrection, standing in the place of Magdalene. Just as she was the first to behold the Risen One in the physical realm over two millennia ago, so now can we be ??first witnesses?? in our own time.? ??From the Prologue ??In this third volume of the Mary Magdalene trilogy, Estelle Isaacson brings a fullness of spiritual illumination to the events from the Resurrection to the Ascension of Christ, and to much of what then transpired in Magdalene??s life from that time until her death in Provence, Southern France. There she lived the life of a hermit in the cave of Sainte-Baume for some thirty years in service to the Earth, undergoing extraordinary experiences as she evolved spiritually to take up her future mission as Shepherdess of the World Soul. Magdalene??s biography is presented here in greater detail than ever before, shedding light upon many matters of great spiritual import. Everyone seeking deeper meaning in life may find edification from reading and contemplating the extraordinary and penetrating visions presented in the Mary Magdalene trilogy.? Robert Powell is the author of The Mystery, Biography, and Destiny of Mary Magdalene and of many other books, including two works co-authored with Estelle Isaacson: Gautama Buddha??s Successor: A Force for Good in Our Time and The Mystery of Sophia: Bearer of the New Culture??The Rose of the World.