Through the Window of Life

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Suzanne Freeman;Shirley Bahlmann
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As the world moves closer to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, it seems that the whole earth is in turmoil. In the Bible we find that the Savior himself foretold such events. But we are also told that the Lord??s followers will find refuge from the storm. How will that occur, and where will that happen? In 1999, Suzanne Freeman briefly passed away during surgery before returning to mortality. While in the spirit world, she was taken by the Savior to the Window of Life. In this heavenly window, she was shown scenes of future events and how they will affect us all.

? Natural disasters and warfare will have huge impacts on everyday life.
? The Lord??s followers will be affected, but they will band together against their enemies.
? The righteous will journey to the center of the American continent to build the New Jerusalem.
? Those who are prepared to weather these physical and spiritual trials will be ready to meet their Savior.

Suzanne was told that when she returned to earth, she should share what she had seen with others. Her message is a story of the faith and courage that Christ??s followers will display in the coming years leading to the Savior??s millennial reign.