USS Cod WWII Submarine Memorial Photo Museum Guide

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Randall S. Shoker
First Edition
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The USS Cod is the last remaining WWII submarine left completely in its original condition. It is a national landmark and a very important piece of our naval and historical heritage. This photo guide was designed for the model builder, historian, or anyone with a desire to learn more about one the US Navy's deadliest weapon systems in WWII.

There are 120 highly detailed photos (over a third in full color) that give the reader an in-depth view of the ship and its equipment. Topics covered include Radar, torpedoes, the TDC computer, the TBT, and the 5 inch and 40 mm wet mounts. There are detailed photos of the entire outside of the COD above the waterline, that contain a wealth of detail for the modeler. There are inside photos of the conning tower, main control room, engine room, and galley just to name a few! The book also contains numerous historical photos including construction, WWII combat, duty in the 1950's and drydock photos. This COD Photo Museum guide is a must have for any WWII submarine buff.