Whence Came They?: Israel, Britain, and the Restoration

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Vaughn E. Hansen
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Whence Came They? Israel, Britain and the Restoration has grown out of the author's intense desire to learn the source of the strength, the character and the nobility that was so much a part of our ancestors of the restoration. His research brought forth legends, traditions and written documents covering nearly 4,500 years. The author saw a pattern suggesting that early Britains and cousins in Scandinavia, northern Europe and western Asia were Hebrews and Israelites with a strong culture and a firm religious belief as a covenant people. Whence Came They? considers the panorama of Israel's dispersion and migrations to the Isles of the Sea and looks at struggles for survival, the sources of strength to resist aggression, and the impacts of prophets and inspired leaders. Distinctive emblems belonging to each tribe of Israel are identified along with leading roles now being played by specific tribes of Israel and sequential steps in the Gathering of Israel. The reader will find a deeper appreciation for his own ancestry and heritage, as well as sensing an increased responsibility to his posterity. God's covenant Israel has been led to places of refuge, protected and defended, given prophetic guidance, and assigned a key role in the gathering of scattered Israel and in the restoration of the gospel in its fullness for the ushering in of the millennium.