Why Do I Suffer?: Suffering & the Sovereignty of God

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John Currid
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Why does God allow suffering?

It's a question that, in one form or another rears its ugly head time and again. Whether it comes from someone who has just lost a loved one, been diagnosed with an incurable illness or even just surveyed the plight of the poor in the third world. A few days after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 the question that was being asked around the world was - Where was God in this?

The question is one that has dogged Christians down the ages. A number of answers have been offered - and indeed all worldviews attempt their own response. John Currid brings Biblical teaching to bear. God does work in suffering, he is not a worried observer unwilling or unable to intervene, rather he has a purpose at work and is in control.

As Abraham said Shall not the Judge of all the Earth do right?

Grasping that truth will help us as we face the future and ensure that when we are next faced with that most tricky of questions we will know where to begin.