Why You Were Born

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Jerry Downs
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A book about remembering the wonder you knew as a child, why it was important to forget and how great it is to remember!

I'm Dewitt Jones. I've made my living as a National Geographic photographer wandering around the globe seeing all kinds of wonderful places and meeting all kinds of extraordinary people. One of the most extraordinary is Jerry Downs. Actually, I first met Jerry on Facebook. I kept seeing his quirky, positive images and wondering, Who is this guy? It felt like we were twin brothers from different mothers. Perhaps we are. We certainly have the same philosophy of celebrating what's RIGHT with the world. Well, Jerry and I have spent lots of time together-photographing, talking. And he's just like his photos. He's like a kid. He finds beauty everywhere. He is full of wonder. Jerry's new book is wonder-full. It will make you cry-sometimes because it's so real and poignant, sometimes because you're just laughing so hard. It's beautiful. Everyone should read it. More than once. The world really needs this book.