You Are Stronger Than You Think: Lessons of Endurance in the Race of Faith

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Kendra Tillman
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What area of your life has you wondering if it will ever get better? Dont give up! You are stronger than you think! Kendra Tillman made the connection one day: the same stamina and determination required to train for and run a race is the same stamina and determination needed for believers to run the race of faith. She will share with you the principles shes learned as a runner and how to apply them as you train to win in the race of faith! In You Are Stronger Than You Think Overcome the lies that keep you circling the same mountains in your life year after year Beat feelings of worry and overwhelm that come from the demands of work and family life Persevere in your most important relationships Stop comparing and run your own race Discover scriptures to serve as landmarks or markers to keep you encouraged