Australian Tea Tree Oil First Aid Handbook: 101 Plus Ways to Use Tea Tree Oil

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Cynthia Olsen
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Did you know that Tea Tree Oil is the number one natural product to have in your home first aid kit, replacing many chemical formulas that may cause more harm than do good? This easy to read guide shares more than 101 ways to use Tea Tree oil for you, your children and your pets: Learn how to use Tea Tree oil for head-to-toe complaints: from chronic diseases such as arthritis to seasonal colds, flu or bronchitis or fighting acne and toe nail fungus. Stop wasting money on harsh personal hygiene products with limited results after discovering the ways Tea Tree oil can be used in your skin and beauty routines. Discover how to replace toxic chemical cleaners used in your home with simple to prepare formulas based on Tea Tree oil. Take Tea Tree oil outdoors with you and battle insect bites, sunburn and common physical injuries such as splinters and sprains! Including a comprehensive index, this book will serve as a quick reference when you need a fast simple solution to a health or home crisis. Included are salve recipes, instructions for mixing Tea Tree Oil with other carrier liquids, precautions and even a material safety data sheet. Make this guide an essential part of your home pharmacy.