Disrupting Burnout: The Professional Womans Lifeline to Finding Purpose

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Jackson, Dr. Patrice Buckner
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Beat Burnout and Discover the Divine Purpose That Begins and Ends Inside You You completed the degrees and climbed the career ladder. You take care of your family, and serve your community. You give everything to serve othersand youre left with nothing for yourself. Success was supposed to feel better than this, but youve lost your passion for the work that used to light you up. Experts encourage you to implement calendar tactics, increase your resilience, and practice work-life balance, but none of it has proved to solve the problem. The real solution is closer than you think. Dr. Patrice Buckner Jackson offers simple yet powerful strategies of the heart for lasting transformation. In the HeartWork journey you will: Release other peoples weighty expectations. Experience freedom in your thoughts and emotions. Build boundaries to protect everything that means most to you. Discover your unique gift and true purpose. Leverage your brilliance for soul-satisfying work. Its time to beat burnout and start living the fulfilled life you deserve and desire.